Friday, 30 May 2008

8 in the bag...two to go.

This videoblog should have gone up late last night, but the upload speed in the field disappeared and we've all been too busy today, with working, eating and birthday celebrations (for me and and for Justin) so here it is now...

Additionally...yesterday was great 'cause I got to chat to the great Kathleen Turner on the sofa while doing the Hay-on-Sky show. I ended up in shot too so I'm glad I was on my best behaviour... She's really been enjoying the festival and told me she's loved the sessions she's gone to and the fact that all these great minds and talents are all in one field! She even came to our wrap part for our What The Dickens? series that we'd filmed here. I had a bit of a 'moment' when I stood in the room (we hadn't been expecting celebs at this particular crew party - but the room was chocca full of 'em!) looking at the A-list Hollywood talent and panning right to the balloons on a string on the far wall....A-list Hollywood talent...balloons on a string...surreal stuff. Party planning consultants, take heed.

I recorded a videoblog with our musical performer Alex Valentine later - he was great and then we all went to see Kathleen Turner's session which was very entertaining. I'm definately getting my hands on that book - Heat magazine, hang thy head in shame - THIS is celebrity gossip at its finest. My cousin (Derek Landy, author of Skulduggery Pleasant) came to Kathleen's session with us - he did a session himself today called 'Question Time: Being a Writer', along with Graham Marks (Tokyo, Strange Hiding Place) and Andy Stanton (Mr Gum and the Power Crystals) and at the end he made the hundreds of worshipping young fans shout 'happy birthday Sinead' to me which was mildly embarassing as I was lurking at the side recording clips & snapping pics.

Then my boss came and told me & Justin that he needed us for an important meeting about the show and lead us into a colleague-filled trailer where there were balloons, booze, cake and pressies. Excellent :-)

We'd Dan Cruickshank as a guest on Hay-on-Sky today and some of us are off to see his session this evening - Adventures in Architecture, then we're off to the Book People/Red House party somewhere nearby and then back to the festival for the Seth Lakeman gig. Then, we shall sleep. The weekend awaits us. Show 9 and 10. Including What The Dickens? we'll have made 16 brilliant HD programmes in this muddy field by Sunday. Then we're all back to Osterley, Sky's HQ. Mental note to self: remember to not wear muddly wellies into the office on Monday...

Sinead, Editor-in-Field.

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