Sunday, 24 May 2009

Backstreet's back, alright

The sun has come out in force today. With not a cloud in the sky and with no full length mirror in the house, I got dressed in what I assumed looked summery. Once I got to the festival site, I noticed people looking at me in a manner rarely associated with admiration. So I found a full length mirror and was confronted with an image of an extra member of the Backstreet Boys from circa 1999. I'm now doing my best to pull off this outfit until time allows for a quick trip to the festival shops for some accessories from this millennium.

So to distract everyone from the mistaken wardrobe choice, I armed myself with a video camera. The results were immediate. Sky Arts' very own Annalisa Johnson and Jonathan Carter agreed to do a video blog of the first two days at the festival. Whether they were frightened that the 90s had returned or if they really wanted to do this no one will ever know, but this is what they had to say...

In a few moments Dave Gorman, David Starkey and Markus Zusak will face Mariella's interrogation on Hay-on-Sky. I'm going there armed with a stills camera and pray to lord my trousers aren't too transparent in the bright lights of the studio...

Sari, Editor-in-white

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