Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Shoe update

Update on Welly News: they aren't very good. As I climbed on the set at the end of today's Hay-on-Sky recording, I tripped on the boots which are approximately the size of Sweden. Thankfully I didn't fall over, but it wasn't exactly my most graceful moment in the life of editor-in-field.

This has reminded me of my first trip to the theatre. I was about 4 years old and mother, who had misjudged our materialistic tendencies, had bought my sister and I new dresses for the occasion. We were beyond ecstatic in the weeks leading up to theatre visit and mother was proud she'd raised two daughters who appreciated culture from a very early age.

When Theatre Day finally arrived, we got to put our dresses on and... fell asleep. The excitement about the dresses was simply too much to take. We went to the theatre, with both my sister and I sleeping through the performance, and mother resisted the temptation -a strong temptation, as she often points out- to give us away for being materialistic and not artistic.

This is how this boot situation has felt too. I bought them, excitedly waited to wear them for weeks and now that I've put them on, the fun is gone. I have a deep love for all things material, but perhaps love of art would give me a longer buzz. Or at least not ill-fitting boots.

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