Friday, 29 May 2009

Wrong kind of electric

Today has not been such a great day for the team. The Hay-on-Sky recording was interrupted and badly delayed by power cuts, and for a brief moment we had to consider not making the programme at all. After some ingenious work from the technical guys, we did manage to record the programme, but it was shot in front of a half-empty audience. In three years of broadcasting from the field, this was the first time we'd suffered from technical difficulties this badly. A long day's work still becons for the technical team to find out what caused the electricity problems.

Most of the team are going to see Jo Brand and Dara O'Brien tonight, but if that's not going to lift everyone's spirits, then tomorrow's wrap party will. The invitation, beautifully made by Gemma the graphics genius, suggests there'll be wellie throwing. Having been successful in no sport whatsoever in my life, I can't trust in any natural talent and I've done my research. How to hold the boot and how to throw it - it's all been examined. A few practice runs later, I should be unbeatable. Or at least not the worst.

Sari, Editor-in-field

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