Thursday, 28 May 2009

Desmond Tutu ahead of team BBQ

We have all fallen in love with Desmond Tutu. The great man dropped by the Hay-on-Sky studio for an interview with Mariella Frostrup and charmed us all. Not only does he have the most infections giggle, he also confessed a great love for showbusiness and bid fairwell to us all warmly as he left the studio. Had his schedule allowed, we could've kept him in the studio for much longer.

The sunshine has come out today again so I've been able to abandon my big, offending boots. Annalisa spent the day shedding blood ... sorry, shearing sheep and only harmed one in the process. Strangely, the sheep in the surrounding hills have spent today nearer to our backstage area than ever before, perhaps trying to avoid Annalisa who was up on the hills.

The team is heading for a barbeque tonight, prepared for us by Channel Manager John and Executive Producer Laura. Our chef Ed, the only one actually qualified to cook to large crowds, is joining the party but not cooking. Methinks there is a lot wrong with this picture. He's a chef. He can cook. John claims he has a cooking qualification from school and therefore should cook the meats. Laura is self-taught and in charge of salads. So much can go wrong here.

Should there be no blog or programming coming to you from the Hay Festival in the next few days, send some help. Sky Arts may have food poisoned themselves somewhere in the hills of Hay-on-Wye.

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